Grant Sutherland


I write thrillers, both historical and contemporary.

My books have been published by Hodder Headline, Fahrenheit Press, Bantam Press/Random House and Pan Macmillan. My audio work has been broadcast by the BBC.

I came to a writing by way of the financial markets, and my first two contemporary thrillers are set in London against the background of the merchants banks and the insurance market.

An interest in international affairs led me to set my next book in the United Nations Headquarters, New York, against the backdrop of international politics and diplomacy (Diplomatic Immunity). This was followed by a contemporary thriller located in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, dealing with the arms trade (The Consignment).

My more recent books are historical, and set in the British Empire (The Cobras of Calcutta, based on Clive's expedition to Bengal, The Hawks of London, based on the reformer and rake John Wilkes, and The Eagles at York Town based on the final siege of the Revolutionary War. I've also posted a free short story online as an example of the style used in these British Empire pieces). By maintaining a careful fidelity to the historical record, and never intentionally falsifying or distorting the past to accommodate the fictional narrative, my aim is to produce works that can be enjoyed as both entertainment and history.

I'm currently writing a series of novellas and plays set during the American Imperium (20th Century).

Additional to the novels, I have an interest in the literary traditions of various cultures and I've written a number of plays and novellas in a variety of traditional styles. Francis (a life of Saint Francis, done in the style of a medieval tale) is the only one of these pieces I've published.

As a side-project I've written an epub3 editor (a Chrome app) called Bookhammer.

I'm contactable at the email address:

grant at